Monday, September 12, 2011

September 10, 2011 Match Results


Smith, G 238 152 235 170 795 3
X 1
Flint, W 236 169 229 179 813 2

Nelson, G 245 192 244 206 887 1
X 7
George,D 219 167 232 142 760 4


Sunday, August 15, 2010

While the varsity team was away on their road trip to the ISSA match in Raton, the second stringers met at the Lee Kay for a forty round off-hand matched dubbed "The Lambert Test" in honor of our senior member. An attractive and valuable prize, the George Washington medal, was awarded to the victor. Traditonal rifles were prevalent with four Stevens and one High Wall in the line up. Jim Smith took the medal and the cash prize. Our next event is scheduled for September 18 in Mayfield for the Marys Nipple Cup V.
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Sunday, June 13, 2010

June Club Match

Eight shooters vied for the honors, such as they are, Saturday braving the wind, wet and the cold. After the triple digit temperatures earlier in the week, it felt odd to be bundled up in my duck hunting coat. Ron is our victor, once again, and Paul, once again, King. New member Reed took a first and a second in the off-hand and when he perfects his bench game, will be a challenge to our top shooters. The Scores:

Paul Lambert 240 202 243 178 863
2 ********
X 2

Gaylord Smith 228 171 239 159 797
X 1

Jon Spencer 227 149 193 177 746


Bill Flint 239 138 238 179 794
X 2
2 1 5

Ron Bell 232 192 242 199 865
X 1

Gary Nelson 237 148 244 190 819
X 2

Reed Evans 232 198 216 193 839
X 1
1 1 3

Gloria Bell


Monday, May 10, 2010

Saturday Shoot

The gang: Jon Spencer, Paul Lambert, Bill Flint, Gary Nelson, Ron Bell, and Gloria Bell. Photo by Gaylord Smith who was not fast enough to get into the picture.
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Sunday, May 9, 2010

May Match

Our little band met on Saturday, the eighth of May for the second shoot of the season. The weather was pleasant with enough of a breeze to make it interesting and cool enough to keep the sweaters and jackets on for most of the day.
After the match, we held a short business meeting where we assessed our annual dues ($15) so that we could afford some targets which Mr. Lambert will procure. Below are the results of our match.

Nelson 242 203 246 208 899 1
R. Bell 232 201 239 182 854 2
Lambert 239 212 244 149 844 3 W
Spencer 232 209 233 134 808 4
G. Bell 218 151 239 193 801 5
Smith 240 156 227 172 795 6
Flint 225 148 231 170 774 7

Friday, September 25, 2009

Mary's Nipple Cup IV

Those of you who follow this blog know that September is the month the Mayfield Zimmerbixlers host the Mary’s Nipple Cup Zimmerstutzen match. This began four years ago when we were informed that the usual venue for our monthly match would be too crowded with hunters preparing for the fall season. Since several members have Zimmerstutzens but rarely have a chance to compete with them, I proposed the match and volunteered the venue­--my back yard. Like other great venues named for geographical locations such as Creedmoor, Bisley, and Walnut Hill, our match was named for the lofty peak that towers above our little town. It was also an opportunity to be a little naughty.
For those unfamiliar with the Zimmerstutzen, it is a .17 caliber target rifle meant for indoor shooting. They were, in the years prior to WW I, quite popular in Germany and particularly Bavaria. Although sometimes hard to find, ammunition is still manufactured and imported into the US. This match is shot at fifteen meters or about fifty feet.
This year’s match, taking place after breakfast and a sight-in period, consisted of a five-shot “Luck” target with random numbers on the back, three ten-shot targets for the main match, a one-shot “Honor” target, and a “Vogel” (bird) target that is shot at by each competitor in turn until someone hits the bulls-eye. The winner of the last match becomes our Zimmerbixler King. A “sporting” match followed for those shooters with nerves of steel and money to risk while the targets were being scored.
Awards were presented when the shooting died down. Gloria Bell who, alas, also qualified for the consolation prize for last place, received a “medal” provided by Schuetzenbruder Ingo Laue from his new enterprise ( Lucky Bill Flint won the Luck match and a genuine 316L stainless steel four leaf clover. As if he needed any more luck. The engraved silver Mary’s Nipple Cup went to perennial Top Gun Gary Nelson, who might still have won if he had skipped a target. Ron Bell shot nearest to center on the Honor Target thus claiming it as his own. While not quite a work of art, it will be a nice souvenir as all the shooters signed their mark. The Vogel Target, mounted atop a thirty foot mast, was shot in reverse order. Unlike last year when shooting continued until the center of the target fell out, Paul Lambert hit the bulls-eye in the second round, setting off about forty grains of black powder and becoming Zimmerbixler King. He was crowned with a garland of ivy rather than laurel since this was our IV match, you see.
A fine buffet lunch followed the awards, elk roast and home-made apple pie provided by Paul. Thanks to all who participated and contributed, especially Daryl Butler who took many of the pictures that can be found at
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Sunday, June 21, 2009

June Match

Here are the scores from our June club match. To break the routine, we shot 20 shots at the bench targets and, to add some excitement, one of us double charged a few cases. What a riot. Our next match should be on July 11. The August match will be announced later as I expect our heroes to all be in New Mexico gathering glory for our club and frustrating our competitors.

We discussed our hosting of the ISSA Regional. Paul did an outstanding job and has earned a star in the UTSS firmament. He has also earned a permanent position. The good news is that we had good participation and we did not lose money.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Reason, Human Events, and Compassionate Conservatism

I recently came across a couple of places on the internet that I think will appeal to those of us who would like to see a reduction of violence in our society and a logical, rational approach to achieving this. The first is a blog that is chock-a-block with inspirational accounts of ordinary folks. The other is video and contains some naughtiness and may offend those of tender sensibilities but makes a compelling argument. All seem to verify Heinlein's famous statement that, "An armed society is a polite society." Really, who is against more civility?

May Match

Saturday, the usual suspects gathered for our May match. The weather was warm with a tricky wind. As usual, the ones who pay attention to things like that did better.

Utah Schuetzen Society Match May 16,2009

Paul Lambert 238 194.1 232.2 205.2 869.5
Gary Nelson 242.3 180 241.3 189 852.6
Gloria Bell 242.3 176 237.1 188 843.4
Gaylord Smith 233.1 155 242 182 812.1
Jaime Olney 238.2 203 216 152 809.2
Ron Bell 235.1 195.1 233 138 801.2
Bill Flint 237.3 155 214 176 782.3
Jon Spencer 235.3 142 221 164 762.3

Our next match will be the ISSA Match at the end of the month. One of the unofficial matches that we will have will be one for original German target rifles. It will be eleven shots and the winners will receive a special medal and a prize.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Match Announcement

One good match deserves another. We will be meeting for our monthly match on May 16, the third Saturday of the month. Besides our usual exciting matches, we will be going over plans for the ISSA Regional match at the end of the month. Please try to attend.

"Better" Saturday Match 4/11/09

Saturday, the weather was delightful except for the dark cloud cover that might have effected iron sight scores. Also, it did rain a bit and it never got much above fifty degrees but other than that we had a fine time. Scores are available here.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

ISSA Rocky Mountain Regional

The 2009 ISSA Rocky Mountain Regional will be hosted by the Utah Schuetzen Society on May 29, 30, and 31. It will be held at the Lee Kay Center at 6000 West 2100 South in Salt Lake City. There will be prizes, food, camping at the range, and jaw-dropping displays of marksmanship. For more information and an advanced registration form go here. For more personal guidance call Paul Lambert at 801-943-7565 or 801-971-1034.

Match Announcement

Shooters! We will be a-gathering on Saturday at the Lee Kay Center for our first shoot of the year. We will begin at 9:00 a.m. We will shoot our usual forty round match. We will also be discussing your participation in the upcoming ISSA Regional match. So even if you are not shooting, we need to talk with you.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Shooters Over Fifty

Seems like I don't know any shooters under fifty but I came across this series of articles by a bullseye pistol shooter and an optometrist. There is a lot of interesting information here ranging from nutrition to hardware. He also claims that age is not a liability but an asset. So have some hope, oldtimers.

Monday, September 22, 2008

MNC III After Action Report

Mary's Nipple Cup III is in the history books and consigned to posterity. We had a pleasant morning to begin the competition and although the shooting lasted late into the afternoon, the weather remained pleasant and mild. Some wind in the afternoon was surely a factor during the shoot at the Bird Target as it took our experts marksmen more than one try.

Eight Zimmerbixlers participated: Paul Lambert, Jon Spencer, Gaylord Smith, Gary Nelson, Gloria Bell, Ron Bell, Bill Flint, and Daryl Butler (not shown.)

A Boeller shot commenced the competition which was underway with forty minutes afterward.

The first match, the Luck Match was won by lucky Ron Bell. The prize was a score enhancing target from the Parkenfarker Institute of Scientific Accuracy which, if used, should add points to his scores.

Ron also won the engraved silver cup with his superior off-hand skills (and luck) in the thirty shot main match.

While the scoring was being done, the shooters engaged in some sporting competition, shooting at an aspirin tablet at a dollar per shot. No accounting was done to see who the big winner was, but Gary could pay his bill afterwards.

Bill Flint took home the framed honor target with a shot to the nine ring. Thanks to Gaylord for providing the target and frame as well as copies of it for the rest of us.

The shooting for the title of Zimmerbixler King went until the seventy-second shot when Gaylord Smith knocked out the center. Originally, it was planned to have a little surprise accompany the winning center shot but, alas, the center was knocked out without the planned result. If HRH Smith fulfills his new duties faithfully, none of us will suffer thirst during the upcoming year.

Kein Kampf ohne Mampf. When the shooting quieted down and the honors had been bestowed upon the winners, the feast began. Special thanks to the ladies who brought the food, especially Frau Spencer for doing the shopping and the planning and Gloria who not only competed but also helped with the preparation and also did most of the clean up. I mentioned above that Ron is lucky, didn't I?

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Mary's Nipple Cup III


Utah Schuetzen Society

Mayfield Zimmerbixlers 2008 Mary’s Nipple Cup III

September 20 Mayfield, Utah


Gl├╝ckscheibe: Five shot “Luck Target” First place prize, a competition improvement kit from PISA® guaranteed to improve off-hand scores.

Mary’s Nipple Cup: Thirty shots at 15 meters (49’3”) on standard zimmerstutzen target. First place prize, an elegant engraved silver cup.

Ich bin Bayer: While the targets are being scored, we will have one-shot target matches at $1.00 per target. Ties are to be broken with the purchase of additional targets. Winner takes all. Bring extra dollar bills. No credit.

Ehrenscheibe: One shot at an Honor Target. Highest score wins the souvenir target.

Vogelschiessen: One shot from each participant in turn, in reverse order of MNC placing, until a scoring hit is made. Winner will be declared Zimmerbixler King.

The majestic peak of Mary’s Nipple towers above the home of the simple but friendly residents of Mayfield, Utah who invite you to the third annual competition for the prized Mary’s Nipple Cup and Utah State Zimmerstutzen Championship. Match begins at 10 a.m. Sight-in table available from 8 a.m. All matches are to be fired off-hand. Arms restricted to 4mm Zimmerstutzen and .177 air rifles. No telescopic sights. No sighter targets. Hearing and eye protection required. All safety rules and ASSRA rules apply. Pre-registration encouraged. Five Dollar registration fee. Match will take place at Mayfield Zimmerbixlers’ verdant outdoor range at 70 North 200 East. Scheibentoni Jon Spencer, PO Box 429, Mayfield, Utah 84643. 435-979-9723.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

August Shoot Results

As planned, the Utah Schuetzen Society met on Saturday, the sixteenth. We were a little light on participants, Ron, Gloria, but had a good match. The weather was pleasant with the wind tricky enough to present a challenge to our usual meteorological gurus Paul and Gary. However, when all the powder and lead were spent, Paul came in first with a 865-4, Bill Flint next with 819-1, and Gary with an 814-4. It might be noted that the cash awards at our matches has increased twenty fold just this year.
We also had a little business meeting where we discussed next year's ISSA Rocky Mountain Regional which we are planning for the last weekend of May, 2009. Prizes and donations can be sent to Schuetzenmeister Gary Nelson.

Friday, July 18, 2008

July Shoot

Patriotic marksmen from all over the state gathered last Saturday at the Lee Kay Center to contest the Independence Day match for the coveted George Washington medal. Ron took third place with a 831-6, Paul second with a 838-4, and Gary first with and 855-12. On the bench scope match, Gary shot a 249. One of these days, he might be sorry that we are using the ISSA targets. Being a thrifty and environmentally aware group, we are recycling our used targets into Zimmerstutzen targets. Gary, however, wanted to keep this one.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Independence Day Match

We will be celebrating our nation's independence with our own sort of
fireworks on Saturday, July 12 at the Lee Kay Center. We will have
our usual four target match at 200 yards beginning at 9:00 am. At
stake is the coveted George Washington Medal and cash prize generously
donated for the occasion.

Business to be discussed at our meeting will be the date of the August
match. We may want to schedule it for later in the month as some will
be off to Raton for the Schuetzenfest.

I am back from Germany where I was able to visit the shrine to Albert
Sterzing at the birthplace of the German Schuetzen Union. Slideshow
and lecture on request.